Incoming students

About the Department of History

The Department offers an intellectually challenging comparative and multi-disciplinary graduate and postgraduate academic training on all aspects of the history and culture since prehistoric times to the 21st century.

It provides an excellent academic gateway to the comparative history and culture of Central and Western Europe in general, and to a variety of specific issues and research topics in particular.

With a strong track record especially in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Urban History, Cultural Anthropology and/or Modern Exile Studies, the Department prides itself with being an elite research and academic institution in the Czech republic and Central Europe.

Currently, the Department is the only institute of history in the Czech Republic running, together with seven leading European universities, a transnational English-language Master programme Euroculture, which is open to all applicants worldwide. This testifies to the Department recruitment policy which increasingly relies upon the international and cultural diversity of its student body.

Subjects and courses available to exchange students (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, etc.)

Incoming exchange students

Incoming students can choose any course from the list of courses available to exchange students, in accordance with the contract between both institutions:

KHI/ECFICore fields of European Culture IW5Exam
KHI/ECFIICore fields of European Culture IIW5Exam
KHI/YHOHistorical OlomoucW5Exam
KHI/EMAGMagic and Witch hunts in Early Modern EuropeW, S5Exam
KHI/QWMAWoman in the Middle AgesW5Exam
KHI/PMMEMiddle East from Muhammad to Napoleon W5Exam
KHI/RFB      The Rise and Fall of the British EmpireW, S5Exam
KHI/YHFB1History on Film, Film on History 1W2Pre-Exam Credit
KHI/IWIslam and the WestW, S5Exam
KHI /QCR     CrusadesW, S5Exam
KHI/WREWho ruled Europe? Second women and men in early modern European courts W5Exam
KHI/YHMBIHistory of Medieval British IslesS5Exam
KHI/6HCAHHighlights of the Czech Archaeological HeritageS5Pass
KHI/6CAHCCzech Archaeological Heritage in Central European ContextW5Exam
KHI/EWMHWoman in Modern HistoryW, S5Exam
KHI/HMMEHistory of the Modern Middle EastS5Exam
KHI/YHFB2History on Film, Film on History 2S2Pre-Exam Credit
KHI/EMPRWhen empires ruled EurasiaS5Exam
KHI/ERSII    Research seminar IIS5Exam


Current Timetable

The timetable for the upcoming term changes every semester and is finalized one month before the start of the semester - current timetable WS 2019/20.

Department Contacts

Department Chair: doc. A. Kalous, Ph. D.

Erasmus Plus Programme Co-ordinator: Mgr. P. Hubená

CEEPUS Co-ordinator: doc. Radmila Švaříčková Slabáková, Ph. D.


An integral part of the study programme of archaeology at the Department of History is a professional practice in the field excavations as well as in conservatory laboratories.

A number of external experts from various archaeological institutions in the Czech Republic are involved in teaching. The section focuses on the archaeology from the Stone Age to the Modern Times in Europe and the Near East

EUROCULTURE curriculum