Urban Societies in East-Central Europe, 1300 - 2000 (Visegrad Countries)

Typ semináře:C
Semestr (Rok):Summer semester, winter semester
the principal goal of the seminar is to investigate the basic parameters and contours of urban life in territories traditionally referred to by historians as peripheries. Some major aspects of urban civilization are explored in the Bohemian Lands, Royal Hungary and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with some overlaps with Austria, Germany and Hungarian territories under the Ottoman sovereignty.

Community and Society: Defining the City in a Historical Context

City as an Utopia


Mobility and Migration

Reading the City: Symbolic Meaning of an Urban Space (Town Hall, square, ghetto, people on the periphery)

The Others in Town

Minorities and Unassimilated Groups

Urban government and urban law

City and the Reformation

Urban Economy

City and State


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