Department of History

Department of History at Palacký University, Olomouc offers an intellectually challenging comparative and multi-disciplinary graduate and postgraduate academic training (Bc, MA, Ph.D) on all aspects of the history and culture since prehistoric times to the 21st century. It provides an excellent academic gateway to the comparative history and culture of Central and Western Europe in general and to a variety of specific issues and research themes in particular.

With a strong track record especially in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Urban History, Cultural Anthropology and/or Modern Exile Studies the department prides itself with being an elite research and academic institution in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. With almost six hundred undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students and together with history institutions in Prague (Charles University) and Brno (Masaryk University) our department ranks among the most sought after academic units providing training in history.

Strong in research and commited to the idea of interdisciplinary and comparative approach towards historical issues the department is formed by a cluster of (semi)autonomous academic units, including History, Archeology and Archival Studies. Currently, the department is the only institute of history in the Czech Republic running (together with 7 leading European universities) a transnational English-language Master program Euroculture which is open to all applicants worldwide. This testifies to the department recruitment policy which increasingly relies upon the international and cultural diversity of its student body. Students from several European countries, including Germany, Austria, Serbia and/ or Slovakia, are currently enrolled in our PhD program while undergraduate and graduate students are being recruited from many geographical areas across the globe.

Department of History currently offers a variety of fully accredited degree programs:

  • BA, MA in History (BA – three years, MA – two years)
  • BA in Archival Studies (Three years)
  • BA, MA in Archeology (BA – three years, MA – two years)
  • MA Euroculture – (A two-year internationally recognized English-language program which is run in close collaboration with 7 leading European universities)
  • PhD – History (Four years)

Department of History supports four research centers:

  • Centre of Urban History
  • Centre of Modern Exile Studies
  • Centre of Political Catholicism
  • Centre for Religious History